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I have always written letters to congress people.  It all started when I was a kid and I wrote Senator Hubert Humphrey, and he responded.  At the time I thought he was writing to me personally, which gave me a sense of connection with this man. 

I still feel that I have some say in what congress people do.  They work for the people, but they have to hear from the people.  Besides giving them your opinion it relieves a lot of frustrations that you might have with the decision makers.  It’s that old psychology trick when you are upset with someone.  To relieve yourself of the frustration or anxiety you write a letter and put it in an envelope, but don’t mail it.  I don’t think you can complain about a congress person unless you made an attempt to contact them. 

You have to be an active part in the policy making and your community.  If millions can vote for the “American Idol”, there is no excuse why people aren’t involved or voting. 

So write your congress people!

Jake Drew


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