July 2006 Stem Cell Research

Stem Cell Research  

The divide between science and religion becomes wider than the state of Kansas with each new issue.  Supposedly stem cells can eradicate a lot of illness that human’s suffer.  From a religious fundamentalist’s view point you are tampering with “God’s handiwork”.  The issue is by carrying through with this research and finding cures through the use of fetal tissue is wrong.  By the way this is tissue that is discarded.   

The basic teaching in all religions is to help your fellow humans or treat others as you would want to be treated.  Science has already eliminated or found cures for life threatening diseases, and provided technologies that help comfort people through physical hardships.  In some cases women that were presumed infertile can have children because of scientific research and development.     

People have an individual desire to do whatever to survive.  We’re all about conquering our inevitable demise.  The bigger picture of survival is given little concern.  We have no concern about the environment that we all share and that gives us the life we value so much.  The value of the planet is a much greater concern than any scientific development to prolong human life or bring comfort to a person.  

Stem cell researching seems to fit into the beliefs of religions: Helping your fellow man.  The debate over stem cell research or the use of fetal tissue in science seems frivolous to the real problems in humanity. 

Religious organizations need to put more focus on eliminating the military and working toward sustaining the environment.  The human heart can be replaced – but not the planet where that heart beats.   

Write your congress people!

Jake Drew

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