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August 10, 2006


The earth has always represented GOD and heaven to me.  Really there is no place more magical or important to our existence.  There’s no question about it – you have to be grateful for the earth.  I also realized with good comes evil.  If the earth is GOD, what would hell be or who is Satan?   

OIL!  Think about it because we think of hell as being dark, hot and burning, and below us.  These are the characteristics of oil: flammable, sticky and nasty, and comes from deep in the ground.  Before the twentieth century people looked at oil oozing out of the earth as a plague, an awful stink, impossible to use or grow anything on it.  That sounds like hell to me. 

Oil entices humankind to do the work of Satan.  We use oil to destroy our very existence.  It makes our lives easier or apathetic, and breeds greed.  Look – I’m already into the seven deadly sins, and you can tie all of these sins into the oil industry.  Take a look at this country – really look closely.  Are we not the most hubristic society?  The Middle East and Russia are becoming pretty uppity too, but that’s where something like 80% of oil reserves are located. 

Look at the petroleum industry and refineries and their earnings.  Is this not greed?  They have a commodity and can control the flow and pricing to generate incredible profits.  Between the auto industry and the petroleum companies they have squelched out any alternative to the gas-combustion engine, such as the electric car and during the 1950-1960s in most cities street cars were removed by political corruption driven by the oil and auto industries.

No country in the world creates as much waste as we do.  Look at how we drive our cars and product packaging alone.  We live extravagantly without a care of what becomes of our waste.  Plastics are a derivative of oil, and they sit in the landfills forever.   

Some countries may envy how we live and we do everything to develop that image.  We call it freedom, but it looks like gluttony.

Wars are fought over it.  No matter how you look at it what is happening in the Middle East is about the control of oil.

Satan is winning and we have to fight it.  Even the president recognizes the evil by claiming that the
USA is addicted to oil.  But still he wants to drill in ANWAR and the Gulf of Mexico.

It’s time to say to Satan, “Get behind me, Satan!”  In order to fight Satan we will need to feel some pain.  I’m talking about some real pain – some real changes to reach our salvation.  Satan has a tight grip on our hands and is leading us to hell.  It has to be understood that oil is not our friend and that it needs to be avoided at all cost.  We don’t need anymore oil drilling, and especially in a place like the
Gulf of Mexico.

Write your congress people!

Jake Drew



August 5, 2006


President Bush wants to reverse the United States policies of sharing nuclear technology in order to import Indian mangos.  He wants to share civilian nuclear technology withIndia, who is not willing to comply with the International Non-proliferation Treaty.   

President Bush looks forward to “change decades of law that will enable us to move forward in this important initiative.”  Is the initiative to allow all countries outside the NPT to have nuclear weapons developed from civilian nuclear technologies?  This president wants to eliminate the evils of nuclear war, and from what I’ve seen any peace in the world.  

India will agree to inspections of fourteen nuclear reactors, but another eight are considered military nuclear reactors, so international inspections would not be permitted.  They will also agree to not using nuclear weapons against non-nuclear countries.    Currently the average citizen of India uses 40 kilowatts a year and the average United States citizen uses 11,000 kilowatts.  Eighty percent of
India has an average income of two dollars a day.

As India gains wealth the United States companies know that they will buy more and consume more energy.  So really the only benefit would be to the nuclear power companies of the United States of America.  Pakistan, India’s neighbor, is asking for the same deal from the Bush administration, which would abolish the global non-proliferation treaty and could lead these two countries into a nuclear arms race.  All for the sake of a juicy ripe mango!  

Write your congress people! 

Jack Drew