President Bush wants to reverse the United States policies of sharing nuclear technology in order to import Indian mangos.  He wants to share civilian nuclear technology withIndia, who is not willing to comply with the International Non-proliferation Treaty.   

President Bush looks forward to “change decades of law that will enable us to move forward in this important initiative.”  Is the initiative to allow all countries outside the NPT to have nuclear weapons developed from civilian nuclear technologies?  This president wants to eliminate the evils of nuclear war, and from what I’ve seen any peace in the world.  

India will agree to inspections of fourteen nuclear reactors, but another eight are considered military nuclear reactors, so international inspections would not be permitted.  They will also agree to not using nuclear weapons against non-nuclear countries.    Currently the average citizen of India uses 40 kilowatts a year and the average United States citizen uses 11,000 kilowatts.  Eighty percent of
India has an average income of two dollars a day.

As India gains wealth the United States companies know that they will buy more and consume more energy.  So really the only benefit would be to the nuclear power companies of the United States of America.  Pakistan, India’s neighbor, is asking for the same deal from the Bush administration, which would abolish the global non-proliferation treaty and could lead these two countries into a nuclear arms race.  All for the sake of a juicy ripe mango!  

Write your congress people! 

Jack Drew

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