“Let Them Eat Cake”

I’m a little disturbed by the Bush twins and Cheney’s daughter.  Where have all the family or Christian right values gone?  All these people that we emulate whether because they dictate the course of the country or influence us through the media are living these lives of double standards.  It reminds me of the 1700s with Marie Antoinette and all that trouble with the peasants.  The royalty expects the underclass to behave one way as they live these lifes filled with decadent behavior.  Man!  I want a piece of that action too.

How can a father be supportive and look forward to a grandchild, even though the political party that he belongs to considers his daughter’s lifestyle culturally obscene?  How can two beef-fed Texan girls of god-fearing parents cause so much trouble that a country asks them to leave? If our leaders don’t even live within the realm of their deeply religious vision, shouldn’t we be questioning anything they dream up as being in our best interest?

For instance – in my city I watched around 4000 jobs disappear within the last couple weeks.  This isn’t a fluke – it happens quite often.  It seems like a lot of jobs, though all I hear about is the increase in jobs and the low unemployment rate.  I never see the newspaper articles about these new jobs.  Oh, but that’s right, it’s because the “liberal” media only reports the negative. I don’t know – I think you have to start questioning what’s going on.  Most of us are law-abiding, decent people living from pay check to pay check, and now it’s becoming questionable if even that lifestyle will continue.

There’s a surge in unequality happening and this isn’t about race or sexual identity.  On the one side we have the the rich and the other side the less rich in monetary reward.    I don’t think we need to storm the Bastille yet, but we have to start questioning what is happening around us.  I don’t think you can look toward the wealthy as role models or protecting our best interests anymore.

   – Jake Drew

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