“Angels Amongst Us” January 2007

There is nothing creepier to me to think that angels descend from the heavens to watch over us.  I’ve never heard a whisper or felt a push to look out for a speeding car or better yet to prevent me from stepping into dog crap.   I’d appreciate it though, because I tend to run into the latter example quite a lot!  

I do like angels in films, such as “Wings of Desire” or “The Bishop’s Wife”.  I guess I prefer to watch angels rather than having them watching over me. 

A report came out recently that 81 percent of United States citizens believe in angels in some form. 
The definition in the report of an angel could be a kind stranger, a benefactor, a misty aberration, or someone with fluffy wings.  I’d say that’s a pretty open definition.  I assume the 19 percent that don’t believe have to be hardcore Republicans.  With a definition as open as this one you’d have to assume that all people are self-centered and unwilling to help others.    

I prefer to think that helping others has nothing to do with religion or angels.  Is Wesley Autrey an angel or just a courageous man?  Wesley Autrey left his two daughters on a subway platform to go save a college student’s life.   Mr. Autrey jumped onto the subway tracks to protect the man, who fell while he was having a seizure, from an oncoming train.  Later Wesley stated that he had to do something to save the young college student’s life.

Wesley Autrey’s actions were about human kindness at a very high level.  He showed compassion or humanitarianism to another.  We can all learn from him about caring about others rather than always being concerned about ourselves.   Wesley isn’t an angel – he’s a human being. 

 – Jake Drew

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One Comment on ““Angels Amongst Us” January 2007”

  1. fibrodenial Says:

    Bravo! We tend to rely more heavily on devine intervention than we do each other and your story heps remind me that we have the power within ourselves to “save” one another.

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