You ever been fired or had to fire someone?  I’ve fired a lot of people, and then I was fired too.Here’s the thing though – I’ve never known a company to ask, “We’re letting you go, but, oh, would you mind sticking around for a few months?” 

Well Donald Rumsfeld can still be found in the Pentagon.  He’s listed as a non-paid consultant, but he has seven paid employees working for him.  Rumsfeld resigned on November eighth right after the Democrats took a number of seats in the elections.  The strange thing was that a week before his resignation President Bush was saying that Rumsfeld was doing a heck of a job and would continue until the end of his presidency.  Oh yeah – we saw that with Brownie and Katrina too.

So why is Rumsfeld hanging around?  He’s reviewing and sorting through top secret documents, and he needed the status of non-paid consultant to do so.  That seems as backward as keeping him around after he resigned.  He quit, so why would he be involved with top secret documents?   

The Bush administration is tricky.  The president didn’t lie about Rumsfeld being around until the end of the administration.  He just moved him around.  Everybody moves around in this administration or is brought in from the previous administrations of Daddy Bush, Reagan and even Richard Nixon’s administration.   

This is an administration that likes to think of itself as a corporation, which might explain why they are in so much trouble.  It’s not great business sense to rehire employees.   

Write your congress people and draw some attention to why this ex-employee is still hanging around on the premises.   

Jake Drew

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