Last week President Bush sent strong-arm Cheney to tell the president of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf, that he better step up the hunt for Al Qaeda operatives.  If Musharraf didn’t, those Democrats in congress would cut his funding.  The Democrats urged the Bush administration to squeeze Pakistan some because American commanders claimed that a number of Taliban were resting easy in Pakistan.

General Musharraf should react because President Bush is looking to give Pakistan $785 million to help eliminate Islamic radicalism.  That’s right $785 million, and the best part is Pakistan is currently the fifth largest benefactor of U.S. aid.  President Musharraf is a smart guy, and in his book that came out in the fall he referenced the “prize money” paid out to him to fight this war of terror, which estimates claim to be around $10 billion in the last five years.

So like a kid being threatened that he won’t receive his allowance unless he cleans up his pig sty of a bedroom – Musharraf came through like a good teenager.  Within a day or so of the congressional threat the Pakistanis arrested Mullah Obaidullah, a senior leader in the Taliban.  That should satisfy Mother Liberty for awhile or until the next allowance is needed to be paid out.

Write your congress people because there is no excuse why Pakistan is receiving this kind of money.  We are being played like absent parents.

– Jake Drew

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One Comment on “SUCH A GOOD BOY!”

  1. Iris Weaver Says:

    Impressive! Thank you.

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