I’ve come to realize that I am invisible.  I am the Invisible man!  I started fading about twenty years ago. I’ve always liked walking around or going for walks.  I like saying “Hi” to people and making eye contact as they passed.  It might seem silly, but I think it’s a way to create a connection between one another.  I had no idea who these people were, whether they were married, political, wealthy or poor, or even owned a car.  I just felt that we were connecting with a smile and hello.  It was just a nod to show that we’re in this together. 

I noticed through the years people became less aware of their surroundings by the number of walkmans, CD players, cell phones, and Ipods stuck to people’s ears.  I’ve never used any of these things because it takes away from my experience in nature or with other people.  I like to hear the noises that surround me.  The birds, the sound of squirrels scratching up a tree as you approach – even the car sounds whether it’s the engine or the tires splashing through a puddle.   Now it’s gotten to the point where I can’t get a reaction from anyone out there.  No one looks up anymore as we pass each other.  Okay, maybe once in a while I’m still visible, but not much anymore.  Seldom do I get eye contact from anyone I pass.   

Grocery stores are the worst.  I can be coming down an aisle and never be noticed by the person blocking the aisle.  This isn’t coming up from behind a person – this is approaching someone from the opposite direction.  When I stand in a line more and more people seem to step in front of me.  The worst is crossing the street at a street light.  The little neon bulbs light up with “walk” – and I do and a car turns right into me.  In the last week this has happened three times!  I can only assume that I have become invisible.  It’s hard for me to believe that so many people have lost their sense of the reality around them.     The one thing I still have is a voice.  I can tell people to get out of the way or just to say, ‘Hi”.  I can still be heard at local meetings.  Of course I don’t have the silkiness or gentlemanly manner found in the vocal tones of Claude Rains.    

Let me know if you can hear me – Jake Drew. Come Visit US at http://www.LivinginLethargy.com

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