Heck, Fight’em Over Here!

I’m a big fan of westerns, and it seems that this administration is too.  They talk in cowboy lingo and their idol, Ronnie Reagan, starred in a number of them before becoming president.  I’ll admit I’m not a Reagan fan – I like Randolph Scott better as a western star.  The
United States government should screen a few western movies to help with that “War on Terror”.

Now I admit I have trouble with what “the terror” is or who the terrorists are that are trying to get us and what they want to get us for.  Plus Khalid Sheikh Mohammed confessed to one heck’uva a wagon train of terrorism recently.  Considering all the things he confessed to being involved with I’d take the plural out of terrorists.

The “fight’em over there” concept escapes me too.  We can’t really pin down who the terrorists are.  The United States might know who a few of these terrorists are and has the names of organizations that are a threat to us, but we don’t know where they are.  If we are sending out our troops to wipe out terrorists, I think it might be better to wait for them to come here.

Now I might seem politically incorrect in this next part, but I’m only referencing what I’ve seen in Hollywood westerns.  If a fort was under attack by “the Indians”, “the cowboys” never ever throw open the gates and run out to the enemy.  They waited for the fort to be attacked and fought off the enemy from high up on the inside of the fort’s walls.    I know Hollywood and reality are two separate things, but what about the wall we want to build along the Mexican border?  This is really no different than a movie set.  The fence doesn’t solve the problem – it only creates an image.  So wouldn’t it make more sense economically to bring the troops home and post them all over the country?  You could have troops on city buses, walking the streets, the borders, using electronic surveillance.  Heck – I’d love to see one of those big old army tanks coming down my street.

Considering there is no thought to when this “war on terror” will end or where the terrorists are or who they are.  It just makes sense financially and for the well being of the military to bring them home and let them patrol the streets.  If we have 130,000 troops in Iraq, that would be 2,600 troops stationed in each one of the fifty states.  While the military is in our cities they could take care of the gang members or any illegal activities too.  There’s enough of this type of terrorism to make the country look like Tombstone or Dodge City of the late 1800s. Shoot a letter to your congress people and let them know how you feel.

– Jake Drew

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