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Kurt Vonnegut Tribute

April 30, 2007

Kurt Vonnegut Tribute


Bizarro World

April 30, 2007

When I was a boy reading “Superman” comics I ran into an alternative universe, Bizarro World”.  Quite a few times in my adult life I have felt that I’ve entered that alternative world.  I’m having those feelings now.  The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel have been wearing themselves out by trying to get the message out about global climate change, and that message is being received by the United States as the crazy uncle that you were told to ignore as a kid.  We have until 2020 to reduce carbon emissions by eighty percent.  That’s less than fifteen years!   

By 2050 around a billion people will face food and fresh water shortages.  Sea levels will rise, and major populations around the world will be relocated inland. 
New Orleans was a testing ground for things to come.  Anyone who thinks that the government’s reaction to Katrina was about incompetence should realize that they realized that there was no point in salvaging or rebuilding the city.  It’s just going to be worse next time and then the next time.  So why invest in rebuilding what could be considered the
United States version of Atlantis. 
 The president has finally or kind’a admitted that global climate change might, well, maybe, be caused by humans.  What a giant step for the oil man!  Now, of course, he’s all for regulations and trying to counter attack the emissions issue, but only as long as it doesn’t have an effect on the economy.   

Well I don’t see how it can’t have an effect on the economy.  It might be a good move for the economy by developing new technologies as new markets that will replace the old.  Though I don’t think things are moving fast enough to create this new economy.  We aren’t going to make it because consumerism is so embedded into everyone’s brain.  This leads me back to Bizarro World.  We are going to have to start thinking in terms of the Bizarro World where everything is the opposite.  Used is good, new is bad.  There was a movement during the Great Depression and into World War II where people were involved in saving scrap or recycling clothes and other items, bartering with others, neighborhood gardens, and on and on.  We can learn a lot from that generation and time.  The attitude has to adjust that old things are coveted, and buying new is wasteful or only okay when necessary.   

People are going to have to change:“I don’t have an air conditioner.”  “Wow!  That’s impressive.” They responded. 

“I figure it helps prevent black outs and allows people that need the air conditioning to use it.”   Or: “I’ve been biking to the grocery store.  I have to make two trips, but it’s good exercise!” 

“Me too.  I used to drive my car to the fitness center, but I realized that it lacked some common sense on my part.” See what I mean?  Write me with a scenario of your own.  

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