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Albanian Love Child

June 26, 2007

Albanian Love Child


Put Your Stock in Gravel

June 26, 2007

Put Your Stock in Gravel

Iraqi Oil Law – hit those benchmarks!

June 14, 2007

The Iraqi Oil Law.  I have a cartoon website,   I recently did this cartoon after reading an article at about the Iraqi Oil Law that the Bush administration is pushing as a benchmark for the Iraqis.  The New York Times hinted at this on their front page story from June 12, 2007.  It all started in March of 2001 with Cheney’s Energy Task Force. 

It took me awhile to make sense of it for the cartoon, but it’s an appalling story.  So appalling I couldn’t believe that they were doing it.  So appalling that I came up with the ventriloquist dummy, because I couldn’t even believe Dick Cheney could do this! 

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Jake Drew 

Up, Up, and Away!

June 13, 2007

Up, up, and away!

Supply and Demand

June 10, 2007

Colombia and Cocaine

Shoot’em UP!

June 10, 2007

How does a gun make anyone feel safer?  Please – I dare anyone out there to explain it to me.  What is it in the make up of the United States that we have to have guns?  Better yet – why do we think guns solve the problems here and in the world?  Of course, we use much bigger guns in other parts of the world.  Yeah – yeah – I know all about the second amendment. You have to provide a better reason than that one.

The shootings at Virginia Tech University were a tragic incident.  An incident – an occurrence – an episode.  It will probably never happen there again. These occurrences happen all over and not very frequent considering the gun craziness of most of the United States of America.

If being armed makes a person feel protected, we should arm everyone because who knows when you might be involved in a shoot out.  Personally I have never been in a shoot out.  Heck – I’ve never seen a handgun, except on the hip of the police, which makes me feel safe enough.  I live in a high crime area of my city too, so it’s not because I’m a satellite dish suburbanite.

Texas Governor, Rick Perry, thinks that students should carry guns on campus.  “It makes sense for Texans to be able to protect themselves from deranged individuals.”

I’ve been to Texas – he’s right!  The place is full of deranged nuts.  My only concern is for the lower grades – the innocent children.  It seems most of school shootings happen in grade school or high school situations.  Some congress person in Wisconsin a few months ago came up with a brilliant idea – arm the teachers!  Yeah – and I bet teachers could get a kid’s attention a lot easier with a gun.  Think of what it could do for the educational system. Heck – no need for parent/teacher conferences anymore.  You are in my classroom now and what I say is the law around here.

“Where’s your homework, punk?”
“Don’t give me that old story about your dog!” Click!

I know the University of Utah allows students to carry handguns, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a gun battle on their campus.  Though I don’t think they are a good testing ground.  I’d assume the lack of shoot ups there is because of the highly religious morals of the students.  Mormons are a heck’uva lot less violent nowadays than in the past.

So the best that I can come up with is that unless everyone is armed in the USA we can never reach the level of security that we all want.

– Jake Drew

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