Pull Over and Stop!

President Bush looked like a guy walking along the highway with an empty gas can as he returned from Saudi Arabia this week.  Dana Perino, the mile a minute voice for the White House stated, “The president said there’s a hope that as a result of these conversations that OPEC would be encouraged to authorize an increase in production,….”.  

There’s no hope!  George went begging, telling the Saudis, “Paying more for gasoline hurts some of the American families.  High energy prices can damage consuming economies,…, it could cause our economy to slow down, and if the economy slows down, there will be less barrels of oil purchased.” 

How could King Abdullah not laugh at such a threat?!  Then the best part George sees that his threats are useless, so he offers King Abdullah twenty billion dollars in weaponry, such as hummers and 900 satellite guided bombs.   Eisenhower is probably rolling an Edsel in Heaven right now.

Wasn’t it George Bush that told the United States that we were addicted to oil, and that we have to get away from relying on foreign oil?  Well that observation whizzed by us like the Indy 500.

In the last week I’ve noticed all these articles coming out about the new automobiles on the market.   

General Motors’ message has two themes: Get younger and greener. They are coming out with a big, tough Hummer HX Concept with a 304-horsepower 3.6-liter V6 engine and 6-speed automatic transmission, but will be able to consume E85.  

Ford Motors is moving in the right direction by parking their product lines like Freestar minivan, the monster-sized Excursion SUV, the Lincoln Aviator mid-sized SUV and LS sport sedan.

Ford plans to inch along into 2010 with the arrival of a sub-compact car, the Verve.  Also they have an advanced engine in the works, “EcoBoost”, which uses twenty percent less fuel.  The technology debuts as a 340-horsepower 3.5-liter V-6 in the Lincoln MKS luxury sedan in 2009. 

Pickup trucks are sliding out of control like a truck on an icy road,  Ford and Chrysler hopes to lure sales back by painting the trucks in red, white and blue, better-performance, packed full of luxury trimmings, like softer fabrics with richer colors, and the latest automotive gadgets.  Yee-ha, Toby Keith! 

But get this!  France’s MDI Group headed by Guy Negre has come up with an engine that could revolutionize the auto industry.  The engine could be the biggest technology advancement of the century.   Compressed Air Technology (CAT) automobiles would leave all other cars along the roadside with it’s significant economical and environmental advantages.

India’s Tata Motors has signed on to produce the car.   The air car/mini-CAT refuels in minutes from a special air compressor, can run about 125 miles on a tank of air, reaching top speeds of 70 miles per hour.  The cost of the car – around $7000.  The car has a fiber glass body, which will freak out U.S. drivers, but it is powered by the expansion of compressed air, using no combustion at all, and the exhaust — well, that would be air, which is clean and cool enough for use in the internal air conditioning system.

While the rest of the world is on the move, The United States seems to be that guy you run into on the street, who hits you up for five bucks because he ran out of gas.   

 Jake Drew

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