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Happy Consumer Holidays!

December 5, 2013

This is just my little take on US consumerism and patriotism.  Just something to think about.  Here’s a video and the comic strip.

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Happy Consumer Holidays!



“You’ve Been Teabagged!”

April 13, 2009

All across the USA people will be protesting Obama’s taxation plan, and reliving the glory days of the Boston Tea Party.  Anyone thinking that the modern form of teabagging has anything to do with abusive government taxation has been drinking something other than tea.  Actually they should be embarrassed by their lack of history and their lack of modern slang.   Let’s just say the word teabagging has to do with sex more tax.

Here’s how most people think of the Boston Tea Party of 1773.  You have to remember that tea was the coffee of the day.  The East India Company was a faltering tea importer to this continent.  History gets a little watered down, so most people today think that the Tea Act of 1773 was England’s way of milking some more cash through a tax on tea to the Americans.

Let’s untwist that tea bag back into shape.  The Tea Act gave the East India Company absolute access to the American tea trade – and exempted the company from paying taxes to England on any tea shipped to the new colonies. 

The point of the Tea Act of 1773 was increase profits for the company and to make the stockholders rich and create a monopoly to drive their smaller competitors out of business.  Since the East India Company no longer had to pay taxes, the company could lower their tea prices to a point where smaller importers and local teahouses couldn’t compete.   Hmmmm – sounds more like Wal-Mart. 

The early colonists were so angered by Wal-Mart – errr – I mean the East India Company that they revolted against the company and the English.  Their anger was aimed at a multinational corporation that was taking advantage of a situation.  Small businesses were being driven out because they still had to pay taxes and that this Tea Act was put in place without consulting the colonies.  Thus came the phrase: “No Taxation Without Representation”.

The people who stormed the British tea ships were resisting the influx of a multi-national company that was destroying the smaller businesses.  Once the Boston Tea Party occurred England responded by closing the Boston ports until the disposed of tea was paid for.  The citizens declined to pay!   This insolence was a dip into things to come. 

Wow!  Have times changed!  Can you imagine if corporate media existed back then and could control people to act out against their own best interests?  I’ll stick to my coffee.

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Trickle Down Economics

January 27, 2009
Corporate Greed isn't all bad.

Corporate Greed isn't all bad.

It’s a Wonderful LIFE!

January 20, 2009
It's Gonna Be a Wonderful Life!

It's Gonna Be a Wonderful Life!

It makes me happy to see this broken, old man leave office this way!   This last administration was all about greed and filling their pockets, so good riddance.

Great Sales Discounts make us happy!

January 20, 2009


What will become of department stores with these kinds of discounts?  What will become of China?

Holiday Retail Sales

January 20, 2009
Holiday Retail Sales

Holiday Retail Sales

I did this cartoon thinking about how can department stores offer 50-70% off merchandise?  If you think of the design, the production, legalities, shipment, and sales people, and whatever else — what was the profit margins like without the discounts?  What if the auto industry could knock off 70% on a car?  Whooo-wee!

Mixed Messages……….

September 22, 2008

The question is why can’t we take care of people in this country?  The Republican party puts so much emphasis on life being so sacred.  But it never really is “for the people”, but it is always corparations first.  I can only assume that the term Corporatist has replaced Republican.  Come Join US at